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Admission Requirements

• He should be a Saudi. A non Saudi could be admitted in accordance with the regulations organizing admissions.
• Should have a High School Certificate, Technical, Vocational, or Developed High School Certificate or equivalent.
• The required certificate should not be obtained more 5 years old.
• Should be physically fit
• Should be full time student
• He should not be less than 17 years of age and not more than 30 years
• Should not be dismissed for any reason from any technical college and could return after three semesters.
• Should not be dismissed for disciplinary reasons from any training or educational institution.
• Should be of good conduct
• Should fulfill the admissions requirements specified by the management of the College’s General Administration for Trainee Affairs announced earlier.
• An employee could be admitted on condition that he got an approval by his employers to be a fulltime trainee.
The TVTC does not guarantee employment for graduates it only provides the necessary training for employment.

The required documents for Admissions:

1- The original High School Certificate or equivalent + (2) copies.
2- A copy of the national identity card or iqama + the original for matching.
3- Three Personal photograph (3x3cm) – head uncovered.
4- Certificate of good conduct.
5- Fill in the contract form online and then sign it (trainee acceptance agreement).
6- Students should retain the admissions note and keep a copy of it in his file.

7- All the above mentioned documents shall be kept in the file of the prospective trainee.