TVTC Announces the Establishment of Job Nationalization Company 02/11/1438
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation announced the establishment of Job Nationalization Co. Ltd. That aimed to provide technical services (application of information technology and database), design, operate and maintenance apps, e-portal, web pages and programming. The first council of company directors headed by TVTC governor.
TVTC and Green Technology Co. Ltd. Signed an agreement to establish and develop DUTY app which provide job opportunities for technical colleges' graduates, trainees and qualified citizen. Through Duty app, TVTC aimed to build platform of labor market that offer technical, electrical and mechanical services and connecting them to service providers and beneficiaries as required by using digital channels such as app, website and customer services under the supervision of TVTC trainers from several areas.
the first pilot phase of Duty will launch in Riyadh for six months by four to five cars fully equipped and five to ten service providers with average cost of service does not exceed 150 SAR. The average time of service is one to two hours and the number of services for each car from 4 to 5 services per day. The first phase aimed to ensure the technique used, error detection and correction and prepare the full phase.
The app provides services related to geographical location and flat rate of services according to specific classifications that competing with current market price, a secure and accessible payment mechanism as well as a confirmation text message and booking reminder system.