TVTC and Doroob launch 1st phase of self-learning 11/05/1439
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation launched the 1st phase of self- learning program in partnership with Takamol Company through Doroob platform. The program designed especially for TVTC trainees at nominal cost. The self-learning program depends on trainee efforts by using technology while trainees can register in 1st phase's training Packages which are: mathematics, Vocational Guidance and excellence,  Functional Behavioral and communicational skills, Islamic culture and Arabic language. This program aim to improve the trainee's ability on depending on himself in an appropriate e-training environment, where the technology integrated with the trainee's effort to complete the training process.
TVTC clarified the registration conditions where the trainee has to be a current trainee and should not be absent from attending the final exams for two semester. In addition, it's allowed to register courses of self-learning system with collaborative training courses and the trainee can transfer from self-learning system before the 4th week. In the other hand, it’s not allowed to register the same course in same semester in both systems.
The programs related to six main aspects, the trainee, training unit, self-learning coordinator, exams supervisor, and curriculum expert and excellence team. Trainee can register self-learning courses regardless fulfilment of the requirements during any week in the semester. Also, there is no upper limit for capacity and it's treated as the other courses in pass/ fail
TVTC launched strategic transformation program in line with vision 2030 and national transformation 2020 in order to develop its strategies, lunch the initiatives, spread awareness and keep up with rapid changes to serve training sector in kingdom.
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