TVTC Launches the Application "Tadreebick" to Verify the National Training Facilities 29/07/1439
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has launched the application "Tadreebick" on smart devices, which allows recipient to verify the license existence of the national facilities that provide training, and to verify the eligibility of the courses provided by the facilities or any other observations.
 "Tadreebick" application is featured at inquire about the training institutions licensed in all regions of the Kingdom, and knowing the approved programs and training courses for each training facility, as well as to report any observations or complaints about any national training facilities, report on programs or training courses that are not approved, and add a photo when submitting the report. also, you can locate an Infringement or non eligibility courses through Google Maps. In addition to querying the report by the ID number, phone number or e-mail. And follow-up requests and procedures sent by branches in detail and thus benefit from users to contribute to follow-up training activities to maintain safety and quality.
  It is noteworthy that the General Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has launched the strategic transformation program based on the vision of the Kingdom 2030, with the aim of developing its strategy and launching the necessary electronic initiatives to achieve them, and raise awareness and change the current concept about technical and vocational training at the community.