200 Males and Females Trainees in TVTC Section of AlJanadria 02/05/1440

200 متدرب.JPG

     Technical and Vocational Training Corporation carried out a number of programs and training courses for the festival visitors in the specialized departments and the training programs "Otqen" through the participating Community Responsibility Corner of its section in the National Festival of Heritage and Culture "AlJanadria 33". The number of participants at the courses was more than 200 trainees from both males and females.


     The supervisor of the corner, Eng. Husain Nafie, said that the Community Responsibility Corner provides a detailed presentation to the visitors of the festival about the initiatives of the Corporation and its programs in the community responsibility. Such as, specialized volunteer maintenance "Siyanah" in technical and vocational fields to the beneficiary categories. Moreover, productive training "Montijoon". It also reviews the units' products and training outputs in the specialized departments and the extent of the community benefit from them. In addition to the Corporation support programs for the Entrepreneurship "Riyadah" that provides consulting, logistical and financial support through the partners system. Furthermore, concern for the environment and recycling programs "Beea'ah". In addition, "Himmah" program, which is an accredited diploma, offered at the special technology departments in a number of colleges for those who are motivated. Moreover, "Qoubool" program for people with special needs and the martyrs sons' according to international standards. As well as "Mazaya" program for the Corporation employees and their families.