TVTC Launches a Program to Measure Trainers Satisfaction 10/08/1439

 Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has launched a program to measure its trainers employees satisfaction to raise the performance level and quality of training for trainers at the corporation's training units.

 Eng. Abdulaziz bin Zeid Al-Hazzani, The General Director of the TVTC, confirming that a questionnaire was published evaluating the satisfaction of the trainers at the training units, and the feedback is being analyzed from this questionnaire. The trainers were assured to fill out the questionnaire carefully and express their views and opinions with transparency. Pointing out that it will be working to take advantage of the results of this questionnaire to improving the training environment.

  The Corporation is working on a number of programs and development projects to improve the training quality, including measuring the staff satisfaction at the training field, where the questionnaire was designed to measure the trainers satisfaction as one of the most important elements of the training process that contribute to raising the performance level of the training units and to meet the aspirations and contribute at the development of the technical and vocational training environment.

 Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has launched its new identity project, which includes launching a several new programs to cope with changes, and to change the mental image about technical and vocational training field. The Corporation has also launched a strategic transformation program based on the Kingdom vision 2030 and the National Transition Program 2020 to develop its strategy and launch initiatives and programs to achieve it, and to raise awareness and change the current concept about technical and vocational training at society.