TVTC Launches Its New Identity 20/05/1439
Under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Chairman of Technical and Vocational Training Corporation Board Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Eissa, Technical and Vocational Training corporation governor Dr. Ahmed Bin Fahad Al-Fahaid launched the new identity and announced several initiatives in a ceremony held at International Aviation Technical College on Monday.
Dr. alFahaid said that all public and privet sector are seeking to achieve Saudi vision 2030 objectives, adding that launching of a number of mega projects such as the Red Sea, Al-Qdyah and Neom will Increase the demand for qualified national cadres in technical and vocational disciplines.
He outlined that the quantitative and qualitative change of the strategic and development plans in the Kingdom are driving TVTC to develop its training policies, in line with of 2030 vision's objectives.
He affirmed that TVTC aimed to meet the national strategy targets where the percentage of accepted trainees over than 20%, which is a record number in the history of TVTC. He pointed out TVTC efforts to keep up with development and economy changes through several ambitious initiatives.
TVTC Governor said that in order to enhance training opportunities, TVTC recently established several training platforms such as "Atqan", which has trained more than 7,000 beneficiaries in its first and second phases. "We are working to launch the 3rd phase in March, including technical training courses for women in driving cars, which will be provided by trainers from UK, America and Canada. This program aims to exploit TVTC's infrastructure and human resources and spread the culture of training in society "he added.
Al-Fuhaid revealed that TVTC is currently launching Technical Assistant project "Duty" which will lead to a qualitative shift in providing jobs opportunities in the field of maintenance for qualified Saudi technicians through development an app that facilitates access and communication between the provider and the beneficiary.
The ceremony was attended by number of business men and women and TVTC officials. Several initiatives was launched such as, development the privet Training Portal by providing an effective e-platform offering more than 60 services to investors, Certified International Trainer initiative which organize privet training market and The Invisible Explorer which improve the training serviced in TVTC colleges and institutes.
The Invisible Explorer which improve the training serviced in TVTC colleges and institutes.