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Summer Semester Implementation for Trainees in Technical Colleges 10/08/1439

 The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation Governor , Dr. Ahmad Bin Fahad Al-Fuhaid, approved the Summer Semester implementation at the Technical Colleges for males, In order to provide the opportunity for trainees at the morning diploma program in Colleges to Register in the summer semester courses in order to achieve a speed graduation for the trainees, and to give the opportunity for new trainees to enter the first semester of next year, and to invest the summer in an appropriate way.

 As for the timetable of the morning summer training implementation, the Training Corporation Deputy Governor, Dr. Rashid bin Mohammad Al-Zahrani explained that the registration date and the tables preparation will be on 5/9/1439 AH, and the registration ends on 16/9/1439 AH, while the first start of the summer semester training will be on 10/10/1439 AH, which lasts for 8 weeks, and the final theoretical tests will begin on 3/12/1439 AH.

 Dr. Al-Zahrani stressed that the technical colleges that will provide the summer semester are in the cities (Riyadh, Maccah, Jazan, Najran, Abha, Jeddah, Taif, Dammam, Hail, Al-Ahsa, Al-Madina, Buraidah). The training course is implemented in colleges with at least 2,500 trainees. The college should implement the summer semester for the diploma program for those who have a maximum of 20 training hours remaining. The registration will be in the remaining courses for the trainees expected to graduate, or the cooperative training course only, with a maximum of 12 training hours per week. The trainees at any technical colleges branches as well as the colleges that will not implement the summer semester, can also register at the summer semester in any other area desired by the trainee, Through the feature (the visitor trainee).

 He added that the technical colleges that implement the evening application program can implement the summer semester for its trainees and the visitor trainees from other colleges, according to the approved guide which regulates registration mechanisms and requirements, supervising the training process and ensuring the quality of training.