Trainees Gain 7432 Skills Through Otqen 24/11/1438
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation said that the total number of trainees enrolled in 1st and 2nd phases of Otqen is 7432 trainees, 4526 were male and 2906 were female. Through Otqen, they gained different skills in technical and vocational fields between 15-60 years of old, the age of 26-35 years achieved the highest rate of 33%, followed by the age of 21-25 years by 26%, while the age of 15-20 by 25%.
TVTC clarified that female trainees increase by 1416 of last phase which were 1445 as a result of provided courses in several fields. The 1st phase started with only two courses for female which increase to be eleven courses include sewing, crochet, prosthetic makeup, cosmetology and Hairdressing, along with the courses for both male and female which attracted by female.
Through these courses, women trained on several skills especially in 2nd phase which include automatic sewing, tailoring, sewing machine, crocheting and Knitting, prosthetic makeup that reflects reality, cosmetology and Hairdressing which witnessed the highest attendance by 492 (18%).
Maintenance of electronic devices course is the most popular among male by 296 (11%). trained on minor maintenance for television and PS etc. While Maintenance of computers and technical support at the top of the list of the most qualified courses of both male and female by 348 (13%) and all trainees and trainees were received certificates approved by the TVTC.
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has qualified and trained 2749 trainees (53% were female and 47%were male) by the end of the 2nd Phase of Otqen, which consider one of the most important TVTC's social responsibility programs to keep up with Saudi vision 2030.