TVTC Governor: We are working on developing OTQEN in its next version 19/11/1438
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation Governor, Dr. Ahmed Alfahaid expressed ,during his visit to Riyadh Technical College and community training workshops (Otqen), his happiness as a respond to the positive feedback form trainees which reflects the program's success.
TVTC governor said " today, I visited Riyadh technical college and five workshops in different specializations, I am delighted and proud of the ambitious youth"
"The visit was positive and all suggestion has been well taken that related to increase the number courses. The 1st phase of Otqen comprised six specializations, while the 2nd phase–which will have ended this week- comprised sixteen technical and vocational specializations for male and female," he added.
"Although we are in summer, the trainees number was more than good as expected. We are now in last week of Otqen and we're planning to take advantage of suggestions to improve the 3rd phase"
The number of applicants in community program has reached - since the beginning of registration in the 2nd phase- more than 14,700, 48.66% were male while 51.34% were female.
Otqen provide sixteen Technical and Vocational Training courses which held in TVTC training units to fulfill the wishes of members of society, meet their daily needs and improve their technical skills to the highest standards to ensure the quality of training, which includes key elements of the training process (trainer, trainee, training environment).
Maintenance of electronic devices course is the most popular among male by 2398 trainees while cosmology and hairdressing among female by 1765 trainees. furthermore, Photoshop and Illustrator course had witness the largest number of attendance form both male and female by 1643 trainees.
Registration was available via for citizens and applicant should not be less than 15 years of age.