More than 400 Applicant on Driving Introduction and Auto Maintenance Course in "Atqin 3" 03/07/1439

 In the course of introducing the driving and maintenance of cars provided by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training within the courses of the Community Training Program "Atqin", the third stage, which started last Sunday. The applicant number reached 457 applicants. They are trained by 4 trainers from America, Canada, Britain and South Africa at the international technical colleges in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Ahsa and Al-Khobar. 

 The course, which started last Sunday, clarify the meanings of the warning signs. Which include warning of increased speed of driving in fog cases, signs of sudden intersections and curves in roads, and the meanings of lights in vehicles and their signs such as running out of fuel, changing used oil, tire failure, Engine failure signs, an introduction to periodic maintenance of vehicles (quick maintenance), and identification of tire problems and how to change them, as well as health and safety during driving and how to handle emergency damages.
 The program has 22206 trainees, 15406 of men, and 6800 of women. The course of repair computers and technical support topped the rest of courses with 4874 trainees of both males and females as the most participating course. While the introduction of maintenance of electronic devices course became in second place with 3505 trainees. The courses in the third stage of the program was reached 11 training courses including 4 courses for both males and females, 4 courses for men, and 3 courses for women.
 The four-week courses are implemented in a number of training units distributed in all cities and cities outskirts in the Kingdom to facilitate citizens access to the courses they want. Registration is available through the organization's website . After the end of the course, the trainees will be given certificates accredited by the institution.