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KingAbdulazizAwardforQuality 24/02/1440

Technical and Vocational Training Corporation has won the King Abdulaziz Quality Award at its fourth session (bronze level) on the organizations sector.
The Corporation has won the award after achieving all the quality standards set by the award, from excellence of administrative leadership, strategic planning, optimal recruitment of human resources, optimal management of suppliers and partners operations, operations management, focus on beneficiary service, effectiveness and analysis of information systems, impact of the Corporation on society. Moreover, it's works results.
 It is noteworthy that the Corporation was within the 26 establishments that won this award out of more than 300 establishments submitted the award.
 The award is recognized as a major national award whose standards and results are governed by one of the national specialized and independent organizations, through a supreme committee headed by the Minister of Trade and Investment, which is interested in operational aspects and quality aspects.
The excellence of the organization's operational and administrative systems and practices within the electronic system has had a great impact on passing the Corporation to the criteria of the award and achieving it winning, using the latest technologies in this field to serve the beneficiary.
 This featured award comes in line with the success of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation strategy to meet the vision 2030 of the Kingdom in providing high quality technical training services to contribute effectively to the development and contribute to the business localization according to international best pursuit