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The Corporation Signs with the National Guard an Agreement to Train 100 Young Man in Aircraft Maintenance 16/07/1439

 The General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training has signed a training agreement with the Ministry of National Guard to get advantages of aircraft maintenance programs at the International Technical College for Aeronautics, one of the colleges of the Corporation, and to secure the qualified manpower of the National Guard Air Force.

 The agreement was signed by Dr. Ahmad bin Fahad al-Fuhaid, the Governor of the Corporation, and Mohammad bin Khaled al-Nahedh the head of the military at the Ministry of National Guard.

 The agreement includes the Corporation commitment to provide training for the students of the Ministry of National Guard at the College of International Technology of Aeronautics according to the programs offered in the fields of constitutive aircraft engineering specialization (B1) for 50 students, as well as 50 students in the Corporation was training in the field of aircraft electronics (B2) .In addition to presenting the Corporation a reward for trainees enrolled in the College.

 The Ministry of National Guard will attract students and complete the process of admission as military students according to the admission and registration systems approved by the Ministry and in accordance with the standards adopted by the international operator, in addition to its commitment to attract 100 students a year at a minimum.

 The Corporation has established the Global Technical College of Aeronautics in Riyadh, which is operated by the Corporation in partnership with the Australian Aviation College in a package of international training programs launched by the Corporation in partnership with a number of international technical colleges to provide specialized programs in accordance with the highest standards and international standards. The College has two main programs: a program of the General Authority of Civil Aviation for graduates, and the European Aviation Safety Agency Program in Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Electronics.

 The college present training in the field of aircraft maintenance to provide students with practical experience to enable them to understand the complexities of maintenance and to explore the aircraft systems and engines, and aviation electronics. The college capacity is about 2,500 trainees who have a training period of three years. After graduation they receive a diploma, And a license to practice the aircraft maintenance.

 The Corporation has signed several agreements with government agencies to cooperate in the areas of training, technology and exchange of experiences. In addition to agreements in many areas, notably the information technology, and agreements to strengthen partnership with the private sector.