3D Printing Center at Buraydah Technical College 25/03/1439
Mr.Mohammed Al-Mothen, the general director of Technical and Vocational Training Department at Al-Qassim and Dr. Fahad Al-Eid, Dean of Buraydah Technical College launched the 3D printing center in the presence of Vice Deans and heads of departments and supervisors.
The President of Electronic Technology Eng. Abdulkarim Al-Najran explained to the audience the reason behind creating 3D printing center at Buraydah Technical College, when the electronic department needs to one of the models to save electronic circuits in a special template.  After presenting that to the Deanship of the College and the search for urgent sources to provide it, the 3D printing center had established.
From this perspective, the Deanship supported the establishment of the Center after the presentation of what the printer can provide for training in all fields. At the beginning of this semester, the basic devices for printing arrived and a special center was set up to train and manufacture models for the workshops since the department aims to train a generation capable of making its own tools. The idea of 3D printing is to build real-world models by smelting raw materials and building them into slices.
3D printing process is carried out in three stages: design through one of the design programs, then cutting design and issuance of the printing code, then the final printing using 3D printing.
Dr. Rashid Al Zahrani, Deputy Governor of Training TVTC, emphasized the importance of this technology in all fields comes from the global trend of 3D printing. In addition to the growing demand in labor market for 3D printers has made an industrial revolution. The College aims to serve all categories of the society by introducing 3D printing technology, training courses to serve the labor market and providing customized manufacturing services.
"The experience was reviewed at the last meeting of deans and the adoption of the training program for the project and applied it at technical colleges to allow trainees to get the skill of using the 3D printers." He added.
TVTC has developed and designed a methodology for internal quality in its training units, which includes five main criteria, including management and leadership, trainers, services for trainees, curricula and the training environment in order to improve the quality of training in training facilities to meet the of the labor market needs.