The TVTC has achieved leadership in curriculum develoment and vocational standards of training programs provided by its colleges and institutions. Many Arab countries have requested these programs to adopt them…

Since the TVTC took upon its self to provide high quality training programs, the e-learning and Training Resources Center is working hard to transform these curricula and portfolios to interactive e-portfolios and then support them with multimedia techniques such as images, sounds, graphics and flashes, which support the traditional training process and increase the required training quality.

The Center, in partnership with some specialized companies, has arranged for over 25 training-portfolios , has launched 9 training-portfolios in the year 1428/29H followed by 16 more T-portfolios in the year 1429/30H. Specimens of these interactive e-training portfolios could be seen in the TVTC’s e-training system.
- Here you can see samples of e-kits issued by the Center
- Employees of the TVTC could access these e-portfolios on the e-training portal.
- For more information please visit the website: www.elearning.edu.sa